Steady Improvement

Lee Taylor is an excellent Massage Therapist.  I began seeing her due to injuries I sustained in a car accident.  She did a great job of loosening up my muscles for ongoing pain relief.  I saw a steady improvement during the course of my treatment.  Would definitely recommend.


Physician Recommended

After a recent car accident my physician recommend that I get rehabilitation for physical and emotional benefits-by way of a therapeutic massage for my lower back, shoulder and neck pain.  Glad she did.  I love the massages at Westchester Massage Therapy!  Lee Taylor-the therapist is awesome, professional, and welcoming.  Pllus, she customizes every session to address my individual needs and she's very intuitive and works my knotted muscle and other sensitive areal with strong but gentle hands.  The massages have relieved stress, soreness and tenderness in my joints, muscles and improved my posture, circulation, flexibility and range of motion.  I highly recommend this place for quality and value.   It's wonderful  that a place like this exists in Westchester County, NY.  People really need help to relieve pain and stress besides just taking pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Monica M


Its a WOW of a massage, I have had many massages but never one like this, I was going for a regular massage but the therapist spoke to me about a deeper massage that would help with my back pain. I opted for an Deep Tissue Therapy and I am so glad I did. This happened yesterday and I feel great and relaxed and no pain, so I give this massage a 5 star and the therapist a 5 star as well, very professional and experienced.

E.Rivera, Mt.Vernon, NY